Create a French cannabis champion, respectful of the environment

Behind this deliberately provocative name, LFC is a company created in 2021, passionate about technology and ecology, which places the human being at the center of its project.

France has shown an old-fashioned conservatism on the subject of cannabis, reducing the willingness of the economic actors of the sector, indirectly encouraging the black market, limiting for too long the research on the subject of therapeutic cannabis.

Things seem to be changing. We are delighted. Thank you Europe!

Antoine Roux
Antoine Roux

While at present, the products are largely imported and frequently of poor quality, that the Canadians have created unicorns while in our country the forces of order raided the cbd-shop, we decided to participate in the creation of a strong French sector.

Cannabis is called "the green pig" because everything is usable in this plant, and its benefits are legion. It is intended for very different profiles: sportsmen, suffering people, recreational enthusiasts.

The time has come for it to also help us create companies and jobs on our entrepreneurial soil. And that we give it back its letters of nobility, in the respect of the environment.

Antoine ROUX / Founder



Produits de la marque Yogah

It is our heart project, our house brand, the project that best represents our values (respect for the environment, quality, Made-in-France).

It is also through Yogah that we have learned a lot (from product creation to distribution).

Yogah products will be available from April on our website and in retail networks in May (already 500 partner outlets!).

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Amazen Marketplace

amazen logo

It is the IT side of the project.

We are developing a marketplace that will allow brands to benefit from our audience, and consumers to make an informed choice from a large catalog of products.

A logistics service (storage, shipping) will be offered to brands as an option.

The site will be launched in late 2021.

300 to 500 shop-in-shops will also be deployed in the second half of 2021.

Amazen box : we put in service a system of subscription to monthly boxes to propose to the consumers the best of the CBD products.


White label

Contact us !

Want to launch your brand?

We offer you a turnkey service according to your specifications.

Manufacturing of CBD oils, cosmetics, food supplements...

We are also able to provide you simply with the active material for your own productions (CBD extract, distillate, isolate).

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Agricultural production

In spring 2021, we will start a pilot cultivation phase on our land in the Landes.

We are looking for organic farmers for 2022 to develop a French quality industry.



We position ourselves on deals from Seeds to Serie A deals.

We are looking to support the growth of technology-based companies (IT/agricultural engineering/industry) within an ethical framework.

Antoine Roux, in parallel to his entrepreneurial activities, is also an investor in several Tech funds (Serena Capital, ISAI), a startup coach since 2013 and has been an ambassador for France Digitale for several years.

eiha logo hempassociation lfc

LFC is also a EIHA (European Industrial Hemp Association) member, an association which has campaining for a strong hemp industry in Europe for over 20 years.


The Team